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Casey Worzella

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Casey Worzella
Casey's Discount Code:  #CaseyWorzella

Being a multisport athlete I am always looking for products that will help enhance not just one, but all aspects of my lifestyle.

Friendly Foot has made for nothing short of a great experience in both my cycling, running, and my everyday shoes.  I do a large majority of my training without socks, and as you could guess it tends to lead to stinky shoes and feet.  Since I started using Friendly Foot all of that has changed.

Not only does Friendly Foot prevent odor from starting it also helps fight against existing problems.  I have revitalized numerous pairs of old shoes that I thought were hopeless.  I use Friendly Foot powder in my shoes before every workout.  The powder works great to keep my feet comfortable throughout the entire workout.  When my feet start to sweat the powder goes to work.  By the time I am done I can put my shoes back in my closet without the fear of the rest of my clothes smelling like the gym.

I would recommend this product to any active individual.  It is great for all kinds of sports, and it keeps the people closest to you happy.  If you think your feet stink then so does everyone else!  Friendly Foot is a great way to get the most out of your shoes, and to keep you feet happy.

Chelanman 2012 Sprint Triathalon


AG 1st Place Lake Chelan State Park

Echo Valley Epic Series Mountain Bike Race

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