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(Shaun Hunter - Owner)

The Story!

Friendly Foot emerged out of the dark, damp soles of climbing shoes back in 2002.  Rock Climbing is a market where you will inhale the most rancid smells an outdoor enthusiast can produce.  I was one of the unfortunates that would fill a room or car quickly with my smelly shoes.  As a manager of a climbing gym, I had tried every shoe deodorizer on the shelves available, both in my shoes and our rental shoes. Nothing worked!  I figured how hard could it be to come up with something natural that is effective? Shoe odor is primarily caused by bacteria, so if I get rid of bacteria, I get rid of smells, right!?  Absolutely!

I spent the next 8 years fiddling with the natural products until I came up with something fantastic!  It never occurred to me to start a business, but my climbing friends wanted to try it out.  Then their friends wanted to try it out.  Slowly but surely, it grew and my kitchen was no longer big enough.  I decided to take the plunge and in October of 2010 I filled my garage with the right equipment and supplies, recruited my friends and family, and Friendly Foot was born. 

Five years later, Friendly Foot received its first patent and has grown to 200 store locations spread throughout the states, including 15 countries outside of the U.S.  Friendly Foot is the only all-natural 100% effective shoe deodorizer on the market.  Truly, once you use FF, your shoes will never smell again!

My goal was to build a company that partners with organizations who have a passion and direction for serving humanity and their welfare. This is the reason I am partnered with One Day’s Wages and a percentage of every sale goes to their cause.

I am very proud of my product and my company, and even more proud to be able to build something positive to pass on to my children. I sincerely hope you enjoy my product, as I have enjoyed developing and using it over the past 13 years.

The Powder!   Friendly Foot is the highest quality, most effective shoe odor eliminator on the market. The powder is a natural mineral compound which balances the PH of your shoes, inhibiting bacterial growth. Together with four USDA organic essential oils, the powder provides antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic properties. What does this mean? Your shoes will never smell again!

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