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Athletes — Athletes

Beth Rodden

Beth Rodden

"I've enjoyed using Friendly Foot for the past few months. It's so nice to have an environmentally friendly product around that works!"

Brock Butterfield (Bus Life Adventure)

Brock Butterfield (Bus Life Adventure)

Born and raised in the hills of Idaho. Been floating on snow since 1996. Chasing snow to big Alaska lines each spring and living full time in a 4x4 school bus. Bus Life Adventure!

Matthew Russell

Matthew Russell is a professional triathlete and Ironman Champion who has competed in over 35 full Ironman events. He is constantly training at a high level which leaves him with lots of smelly shoes!

Casey Worzella

Casey's Discount Code:  #CaseyWorzella

Being a multisport athlete I am always looking for products that will help enhance not just one, but all aspects of my lifestyle.

Friendly Foot has made for nothing short of a great experience in both my cycling, running, and my everyday shoes.  I do a large majority of my training without socks, and as you could guess it tends to lead to stinky shoes and feet. ...

Gavin Johnson

"Friendly Foot is amazing!  I have been a climber for most of my life and that means I have worn many climbing shoes and sweat in them a lot!  Until I discovered Friendly Foot, I was not able to find a method to keep my shoes smelling fresh without taking away from performance..."