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Beth Rodden

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Beth Rodden

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                                          Beth on the FA of The Optimist, 5.14b. © Corey Rich


Beth Rodden grew up in the flatlands of the Central Valley of California. She started climbing at the age of 14 at her local climbing gym. Climbing immediately captured her attention and has been an integral part of her life ever since. She traveled the country and world for competitions while she was still in high school, earning the title of three time Junior National Champion and two time Adult National Champion. Shortly before she graduated high school, she fell in love with the mountains and wanted nothing more than to travel the world exploring climbing areas. Over the next decade she became one of the most accomplished female climbers in the world. Beth has free climbed three routes on El Capitan, the first of any woman. She has also established some of the hardest traditional climbs and sport climbs in the world by a woman, by establishing Meltdown (a 5.14c traditional climb in Yosemite, CA and The Optimist, 5.14b sport climb at Smith Rock, OR).

Beth’s latest adventure is being a new mom to her young boy Theo. She has been excited to be able to share her love of the mountains and climbing with him. On top of that, Beth enjoys working with young climbers. Climbing has been Beth’s passion since childhood and she loves sharing that with young climbers today; working to  develop their skills and enthusiasm into good stewards for the sport. When she's not climbing she can be found cooking with food from the local farmers market, or hiking in the mountains. She's also a sucker for good recipes, so if you have any to share, visit her blog and send her questions or suggestions.


Beth Rodden on the FA of Meltdown, 5.14c (unrepeated). © Corey Rich

Beth and her son Theo :-)

An inspiring interview about Beth's progression as a professional woman climber and the many injuries she has had to endure and work through.  It is amazing to witness the mental strength she has both in climbing and recovering.

One of the worlds best crack climbers!

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