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Nicki Bright

Personal Trainer

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My name is Nicki Bright and I am an ultramarathon runner from Southern California! I have ran ten marathons and three ultramarathons. My longest race was last year’s fifty mile ultramarathon in Big Bear. I plan to run the hundred mile course around the lake this year. I have a passion for running, eating healthy, and studying to become a physician.

"I recently joined the Friendly Foot team after using the Lavender Tea Shoe Deodorizer during a spontaneous 20 mile run along the California coast. When I took my shoes off after my run, I expected my nostrils to be bombarded with the pungent stench that only running 20 miles could cook up. However, to my surprise, the lavender tea scent from the Friendly Foot deodorizer had completely masked the built up stench. Now, I will never run again without first applying Friendly Foot."

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