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It's like walking in the clouds!

I found Friendly Foot years ago at my climbing gym in San Francisco and have been using it ever since. My climbing shoes last much longer because they stay fresh and with no stinky smells. I've also got my teenager son to use it and he describes it as "It makes your shoes feel like you are walking in the clouds".

Works great and smells even better!

What a simple combination of effective ingredients! Love this small business!

Works great! Lasted a lot longer than expected!

Highly Recommend! Writing this as I'm buying several more bottles/canisters for myself and for gifts. The deodorizer works great and leaves a mild, neutral smell–not an overpowering/cover-up smell. The powder is inert and not irritating...plays well with knit wool socks and neoprene and leather...and the bottle sprinkle/puff application works really well and is, importantly, not annoying to use! I use this regularly and a container lasts almost a whole year.

Great Product and Great Business!

My husband LOVES this product! It is the only product that has helped alleviate the smell in his climbing shoes. Our local climbing gym sells this product and I was so happy to see that they offered free shipping from the site directly, especially during COVID-19. I love purchasing from small businesses and the owner (Shaun) sent me a very nice email. I got a shipping notification within 15 minutes of making the purchase! We will continue to buy this product!

Saves my climbing shoes from early retirement

A few years ago I had to retire my climbing shoes. This wasn't due to wear, it was due to a terrible stink that had developed over marathon climbing sessions at the gym, to build up climbing endurance. Determined to not have my new pair of shoes suffer the same fate I started researching the problem and that is when I discovered Friendly Foot. I have been using it for over two years now and I couldn't be happier. The smell from my climbing shoes is no longer pushing my wife to the brink of a divorce!

No more complaints from wife and kids

Almost 2 weeks I have been using powder for work boots(1 month old boots). After 2 weeks of working in new boots an odor already has show it’s ugly face. I know this because of wife saying I can’t believe those are your new boots smelling.

Since applying the powder after a hard day of work there is no more odor at all. My boots are allowed in the house at night.

Amazing product and a life long customer.

I use the spray on all other sneakers and also smell has disappeared.

I cannot be more pleased. Thank you for making a product that works this amazing.

Works better than expected

Even on everyday used work boots Friendly Foot Powder knocked out the unpleasant odors completely, totally gone. Love this product and would highly recommend to anyone .

Works great!!

Works great! Within three days of using this product I noticed a difference in my shoes. We all know how shoes can smell from sweaty summer feet! I would buy this this product again for sure!

Sweet Feet

I've been using this product for 3 years, it's golden. I never wear socks and my feet are always dry and fresh. Use it in my climbing and approach shoes. Sweet feet.

Friendly Foot powder is the best ever

Have used it for years and through 2 kids stinky sewer smelling sports gear. Made the sewer smell disappear. Use it for sandals and regular shoes. Fabulous product. Have highly recommended it to other soccer and sports moms. You should sell it to soccer and hockey clubs to stock with gear given out at the beginning of the season.

5 years and going strong!

I have been using Friendly Foot powder for at least 5 years. I discovered it initially through rock climbing, but since I work in healthcare and am on my feet constantly, use it much more often for non-climbing shoes. The spray was a new product for me -- it was great for leather boots and black shoes where the powder would sometimes get on the shoe.

Awesome Product

The Foot Spray and Powder does an excellent job eliminating odor and bacteria in my running shoes after only 5 days of use. I highly recommend this product and with summer time coming it definitely will earn it's keep.

Excellent product!!

We’ve used this product for years because it’s the only one that actually works! Shipping is super fast as well

great stuff

works perfectly

Best purchase in a while.

Whether it's a sweaty session outside or a beater session in the gym, throw a spray of this in the shoes and the next day my shoes come out smelling just fine. Would always recommend.

Love it!

My shoes smell great! I just give my shoes a couple sprays when I take them off and they always smell fresh! Love this stuff!

Smells Great!

I had come to just accept climbing shoe smell but this honestly changes everything. I have done the stereotypical round of "trying everything" but it actually applies to this stuff because it really gets rid of the smell! Thank you!

Best foot powder, EVER

Seriously. My business is guiding.... my staff are all serious athletes.... stinky shoes are the norm.... no more! Like magic... this is truly the best powder Ever!

Foot fourri

Never suffer from our own stink again! This invention has taken a huge step in prioritizing hygiene for your feet on your fingertip. Mind blown? me too! I was lucky enough to find it at a gym and forever hooked!


My climbing gym used to carry Friendly Foot, and I'd bought a bottle about 18 months ago. The stuff is just magic, and I can't live without it now. I ran out two weeks ago, and for some reason they stopped stocking it. Luckily I was able to find it here!

Smelly shoes no more!

Friendly Foot Powder

My husband and I are both PE teachers and spend most of our waking moments in tennis shoes. We both happen to have the same pair of shoes that tend to get quite smelly after a day's work due to lack of ventilation/absorbtion in the shoes. After hearing about your product on the KAFE 104.1 Free Plug Friday, your product sounded just for us both! We have used it in our problem shoes and find the powder does what it says it will! We are so pleased, I have been sneaking squirts into my teenage boy's shoes as well!! Thank you for your product!!

Best foot powder on the market

This product is fantastic! The powder removes the smell from my smelliest shoes, keeps it away, and makes the shoes smell good! I use it in my gym shoes and everyday shoes. I have even noticed that the skin on my feet is healthier. I highly recommend this product to all of my friends.

Friendly Foot Works!

I started using F.F. in 2012. It was the the only powder that eliminated the smell in my ski boots, commercial fishing boots and my malodorous 5-Fingers. F.F. eliminated the odor. It did not just cover up or overpower the stench. It took a F.F. treatment after every use of my foot wear to initially take care of the stink. Once my boots and shoes no longer reeked, I no longer had to treat them after every use. I think wearing wool socks helps me a lot too. Synthetic socks made my foot and shoe odor worse. Thanks for an effective and safe foot powder that's worth every penny!

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