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Athletes — Product Review

First ad in the May issue of Climbing Magazine!!!

Review of the Hennessy Hammock and something to stop Smelly Feet.

...If you do decide to stick with a tent and you are going to be in that tent with other person for a period of time more that 3 or 4 days, I have another product to recommend to you. Now, on the show I talk about many products but I only give my recommendation to those that I use and would tell my friends to buy. Tents and sleeping bags are very subjective to the buyer so I way say what I like and why but not recommend them unless I think it is the right one for...

Adventure With Alex


Product Review: Friendly Foot Shoe Deodorizer “Your Shoes Will Never Smell Again!”

May 1, 2014 by David Lottmann

 As long as I can remember I have been cursed with some of the stinkiest feet on the planet. Even 2 year old Alex quickly learned to say “Daddy your feet stink!” The fact that I spend half a year not wearing socks in sweaty climbing shoes and half a year sweating in mountaineering & ski boots doesn’t help the issue.

So it was with great relief to come across Friendly Foot. This small earth-friendly company was started i Read the article

Review: Friendly Foot All Natural Shoe Deodorizer


What is a review of foot deodorizer doing on Adventure With Alex? Well it’s quite simple really. I am genetically predisposed to having stinky feet. You can ask my mother. Or my wife. My feet reek. Add that to the fact I rock climb, ice climb, ski, hike, mountain bike, and paddle more than 200 days a year that puts me at an extreme need for some anti-odor ammunition. Long ago I gave up on the big name foot powders. They left my socks a bit grimy, smelled a bit too “minty”, and after a few weeks...

Running With The Girls


Are Your Running Shoes Stinking Up the Place?

I for one have terribly stinky feet.   Which then means, my shoes pick up quite the stench.   But now it's not necessarily my shoes.  It's the insole I had made for me back in August.  I take that insole out and put it into whatever shoe I'm going to run in…which means it gets a lot of use.  Which then means my feet are sweating in them a lot and they stink.  But what's worse than my stinky feet?  Tucker's.  Oh gross!  A growing boy's feet pick...