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Review of the Hennessy Hammock and something to stop Smelly Feet.

...If you do decide to stick with a tent and you are going to be in that tent with other person for a period of time more that 3 or 4 days, I have another product to recommend to you. Now, on the show I talk about many products but I only give my recommendation to those that I use and would tell my friends to buy. Tents and sleeping bags are very subjective to the buyer so I way say what I like and why but not recommend them unless I think it is the right one for that person. This product though, it right for all of us. It is from Friendly Foot, a small company from in Washington that did something genius with foot odor and instead of trying to cover up the odors with other odors like ocean breeze or spring rain, they sought out to balance the pH with a mixture of plants and essential oils that inhibits bacterial growth. Bacterial being the reason your feet smell bad. I have been using this for a few months now and I can say it works. I have used it in 4 pairs of shoes and actually a new pair of shoes. I bought a new pair probably 2 months ago, wore them 4 or 5 times and I could tell the difference in the old shoes with the foot powder and the new ones. I knew eventually I would need to use it but did not think it would be so soon. Its a great product. And it does not have any overpowering smell either, it is a fresh, natural, almost minty essence.

It is $11 for a 4oz bottle and I have been using the same bottle for 2 months now, maybe a bit longer, well worth it. You might not think your feet have any odor but get you some of this Friendly Foot powder and you will find out just what a difference it can make.

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